We’re business analysts.

Our business intelligence team work alongside our developers to specify and prototype all our dev projects.

{174} pages in our largest ever TRS
{9} degrees held by our BI team
{6} prototyping software tools
{25%} projects prototyped for others to build
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Why is systems analysis important?


Project success

Studies repeatedly find that the failure rate of IT and web development projects that don’t adopt a structured approach to systems analysis and planning is two to three times that of those that do.


Speed of delivery

Proper planning takes time. But, perhaps paradoxically, well planned and documented  projects are delivered in much faster timelines that those that don’t have effective structure.


Peace of mind

For busy executives tasked with complex digital transformation projects, peace of mind is a scarce but highly valuable commodity. Investing in quality systems analysis is the best way to achieve it.

Our systems analysis and prototyping services

Systems analysis

The systems analysis and prototyping process typically involves us holding a series of workshops during which we will interrogate your needs.

From there we will research and evaluate the most suitable modules and components to deliver on the project goals.

We’ll also scenario plan to help visualise any potential obstacles to success.

Defined documentation

The output from these sessions will be a series of documents including a business requirement specification, a technical requirement specification, a user experience specification, interactive wireframes and designs that allow a visual prototyping of the product and a user acceptance test script.

From these we derive a project plan identifying sprint dates, deployment release schedules and go live dates.


In some instances, we run analysis and prototyping as a completely independent service, providing clients with a blueprint for their projects which they use to brief 3rd party development teams.

In cases like this, we will normally assist with project management, code reviews and analysis of the final product. We can also facilitate the initial vendor selection process.