We’re ecommerce developers.

We've used Drupal Commerce and Magento to build dozens of hugely successful websites that sell everything from bicycles to trade show tickets.

{£18bn} annual cost of cart abandonment in UK
{29%} Amazon’s revenue from recommendation engine
{140%} increase in checkout following UX change
{£190bn} annual UK ecommerce spend
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Our approach to ecommerce?


Business model analysis

Our strategists will scrutinise your business model. Although we want to help you get online, we're here for the long haul, so we'd rather ask the awkward questions so we can offer insights that'll make a meaningful difference to your business.


User experience modelling

While design might be key, conversion is king. Before we begin to build, our creatives and user experience team will model the site to create a beautiful look and feel with intuitive user engagement that minimises obstacles between landing page and checkout completion.


Ecommerce build

Armed with the business case, a project plan and a prototype, we’ll kick off the ecommerce development. It’ll be run in a series of sprints and, where practical, make use of existing modules, APIs and 3rd party components to minimise cost and maximise return.

Why appoint Rogerwilco’s ecommerce team

Cross functional team

Alongside our development division, we employ an immensely skilled and awarded performance marketing team. They’ll guide our developers during the build phase to ensure your site complies with best practice and are available to assist with a broader marketing programme once the ecommerce site has gone live.

Conversion rate optimisation

Sales first and sales last. We've more Google Analytics certified staff than most digital agencies. We'll map your customer journeys, interpret their behaviour and help maximise your conversion. And we can deploy best of breed marketing technology software to help you spot struggles and reduce conversion fall off.


While some of our clients handle order management and distribution themselves, others ask us to assist in the broader fulfilment process. We have relationships with many leading ecommerce fulfilment service providers (payment gateways, couriers and warehouses) so can help you manage this key part of the process.