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We offer a full range of social media services from strategy and creative to community management and social media advertising.

{4bn} Facebook video views every day and counting
{500,000} the number of new Facebook users every day
{3,96bn} the number of people active on social media
{$35} Facebook advertising revenue per user
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Our approach to social media marketing



At Rogerwilco we’ve always been fairly sceptical of social media and, although we engage with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a whole bundle of other platforms on daily basis, we often find ourselves telling clients that social media – in isolation – is not the silver bullet they appear to think it is.



By creating annual social media strategies, we’re able to set goals for our social efforts, keep content production regular and provide you with measurable KPIs and tangible ROI. While our planning is exhaustive, we leave room for change based on trends and industry developments.



With enticing visuals that align with your brand identity, we’ll grab and retain the user’s attention in order for the desired message to be communicated. Whether it’s a GIF, static, video, infographic or illustration, our team can create visual assets that enhance your brand presence on social media.

Why appoint Rogerwilco’s social media marketing team


As an effective social media campaign combines so many digital skills - from design to copy, from strategy to SEO, from media buying to community management and from data to insights, you need a big, multi disciplinary team like ours to look after your social interests.


Our team ensures they stay up to date with the latest changes in social platforms, whether it be new tools, regulations or trends. This means your social content will always be onpoint, will be surfaced on the right platforms and driven through  through the right media assets.


We’re not great fans of posting social content just for the sake of it. Indeed, we believe less is more when it comes to social, so our strategists will rigorously debate post schedules and ensure that engagement-driving actionable quality underscores all of our output.