We’re search engine optimisation consultants

We offer enterprise and ecommerce search engine optimisation (SEO) services to businesses in the United Kingdom, Europe as a whole and South Africa.

{£159} for every £1 invested in SEO for a client
{23} awards for SEO in last five years
{100%} team members with analytics certifications
{37m} keywords analysed last year
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Our approach to SEO


Data first

All our SEO programmes are laid on a foundation of data. Our proprietary WOLF tool, with its Google Ads API, gives us access to unrivalled keywords insights while also mapping competitor strengths and weaknesses. This data allows us to craft highly structured SEO strategies based on short, medium and long term goals.


Experiment, iterate

A decade’s experience as a leading SEO consultancy reaffirms our view that ongoing experimentation and iteration is key to the success of an SEO programme. Just as Google changes its algorithms, so must we tweak the way we operate. Our team are encouraged to run white hat experiments to see what lessons can be applied to client properties.


Multi disciplinary

The integrated nature of our business means we’re a little different to other SEO companies. Our team of search specialists, creatives, content producers and social media experts sit in the same cluster and collaborate to create and execute award winning organic search optimisation programmes.

Why appoint Rogerwilco’s SEO team


We’re strong advocates for ongoing professional development and require our entire performance marketing team to hold Google Analytics certifications. This means the SEO analyst who’s looking for golden keywords, the SEO content producer who’s optimising your website, the link builder who’s enhancing your authority and the client service rep who’s explaining what we’ve done and what we’re planning to do all understand the SEO process.

Business Centric

We’re frequently told that one of the things that differentiates us from other SEO companies is our business-centricity. By that we mean we take a really keen interest in translating the tech talk that so dominates our industry into straight-forward English so our clients can understand our recommendations and apply them to growing their businesses. Afterall, we know that if we help our clients grow, we’ll grow too.


Our search engine optimisation programmes generate consistent returns for our clients which is one of the reasons our SEO clients stay with us for so long. Indeed, our oldest SEO client has been with us for going on 11 years. Since we opened our doors we’ve generated millions of leads and billions of rands attributable to our programmes for organisations in the B2B, B2C and not for profit sectors. Which is one of the reasons why we’ve won so many SEO awards.