We’re paid media marketers

We offer award winning online advertising and search engine marketing services to organisations around the world.

{61.9%} Google paid search clicks from mobile
{5} awards for media campaigns in last two years
{3} DMPs we’ve evaluated for clients
{50%} reduction in CPC for most clients
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Our approach to online advertising


Conversion led

Ask us to implement a media campaign and we’ll be just as focused on designing the optimal conversion experience on a landing page as we will on executing great ad creative. Driving low cost leads – be it through search, social, targeted media buys or driven through our programmatic channels – is our reason for being.


Human insight

While we apply artificial intelligence to much of what we do, we also recognise that the majority of our online advertising programmes require significant human intervention to minimise spend and maximise return. A recent paid search campaign saw us make over 12 000 manual interventions to adjust bids and refine keyword targeting.


Media agnostic

Whether we’re running search campaigns through Google Ads, Bing and YouTube or building audiences in DMPs in order to push programmatic bids through DSPs, we work extremely hard to ensure our media choices are appropriate, foster brand safety and, above all, are going to represent money well spent.

Why appoint Rogerwilco’s media team


Just as we require our entire performance marketing team to hold Google Analytics certification, we also mandate that the media team have the full gamut of Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube certifications (and that they keep them up to date). If they’re to be entrusted with your money, we want to ensure they’re able to exploit the latest opportunities each of these platforms have to offer.

Clear pricing

To our minds the online advertising industry has much to answer for when it comes to providing clarity around pricing. We commit to offering our clients complete transparency - for search marketing campaigns we charge a fee for the time we invest in management and optimisation. For programmatic projects we’ll validate how your advertising dollar flows through DMPs, DSPs and publishers, helping you get maximum bang for your buck.

Full service

As a full service digital agency we have the skills to look after all aspects of your media campaigns - from strategy to planning, from buying to daily management and CRO. Our large creative team can produce all media assets in house, speeding up turnaround times, generating cost efficiencies and eliminating the broken telephone excuses that so often derail campaigns when brands use separate creative and performance agencies.