We’re CRM and email marketing consultants

We offer a full range of customer relationship management services to South African and international corporates.

{$80bn} the projected revenue from CRM by 2025
{59%} emails opened on mobile
{1:5} the ratio of ROI to money spent on CRM
{7} CRM platforms we work with
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Our approach to CRM


Know your customer

A good CRM programme is geared towards getting to know the customer, their pain points and what keeps them happy. Our knowledge of the stages of the customer lifecycle [discovery, awareness engagement, purchase, advocacy and exit] enables us to serve your message to the customer at each touchpoint, ensuring consistent brand contact to build trust over time.


Data first

We use data to help us build a picture of the customer. And we use data analytics, insights, experience and nous to interpret the stats and bring them to life. Our strategists create customer journeys that touch your prospects at each stage of their lifecycle, from the moment they discover you, through the initial purchase cycle to subsequent renewals.


Customer Data Platforms

Depending on the sophistication of your CRM requirements, our analysts and data scientists will deploy Tealium’s customer data platform to deliver a coherent ML driven brand experience that fine tunes communication and generates a quantifiable return on investment, especially considering that users have gained control over when they engage.

Why appoint Rogerwilco’s CRM team


Our strategists will work tirelessly to ensure that you’re able to create and sustain relationships with existing and potential customers. For us, retaining customers and ensuring ROI is the primary underpinning of everything we do. Before commencing  a project, we formulate a strategy along various touchpoints to guide our efforts.


Our team of experts is qualified in each department that translates to a user touchpoint. Their qualifications and experience enable them to fully understand your audience and tailor a CRM plan to your users’ needs. Your relationship with your customers is just as important to us as ours with you. Which is why we stay up to date with user behaviour and digital trends to keep you on the pulse.


With a wide variety of tracking tools and data collection platforms at our disposal, we can provide you with insights into your audience’s behaviour and the steps you need to take in order to seamlessly merge with their journeys. We analyse the data we acquire, form an action plan, track our efforts and report back with adjustments and further recommendations.