We build marketing dashboards.

Data is the modern marketer’s greatest ally and biggest foe. Information silos create friction and waste time. We build beautiful dashboards that track, analyse and display key performance indicators in a single location.

{91} number of marketing cloud services used by average enterprise
{21%} reported productivity enhancements for companies using dashboards
{17} connectors drawing data into Rogerwilco dashboards
{1} single view of the metrics that matter
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Our approach to dashboard creation



Our dashboard development process starts with design thinking. We need to understand your business challenge if we’re to aggregate data that’ll help you take smarter, faster marketing decisions.



While the front end of our dashboards bring order to your metrics, behind the scenes we’re use a myriad of connectors, APIs and services to pull information from disparate systems to provide one consolidated view.



Different audiences need different information sets, so we create a variety of dashboards - from those that focus on marketing and sales KPIs to executive dashboards that summarise complex information.

Our dashboard services

Data studio

Our preferred dashboard is Google’s Data Studio which can be used for free by Google account users. Naturally, it connects with all the Google products (Analytics, Ads etc), but it’s also easy to pull in data from 3rd party platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc as well as marketing automation platforms like Watson Campaign Automation). Data Studio forms the bedrock for all our reporting, providing clients with a live view on their KPIs.


For more advanced dashboard requirements - and this is especially the case where there’s a need for sophisticated visualisation options - we use Tableau. A variety of licensing options and developer tools make for a much more comprehensive product set which has value where data from multiple sources has to be joined, analysed and interpreted and where a broader variety of visualisation charts are required.

Custom design

While we will almost always be able to bring your KPIs to life in Data Studio or Tableau, there may be instances where we are called upon to build purpose designed dashboards that emphasise a key part of your business process or where we need to code a connector or make an API call to extract information a source unsupported by Data Studio or Tableau. Our business intelligence, creative and development teams are available to assist.