We’re competitor research specialists.

Understanding your competitors' strengths and weaknesses is often the key to unlocking a successful online marketing campaign. Our WOLF competitor analysis tool makes this a snap.

{2m} datapoints in average WOLF report
{4} innovation awards won by WOLF
{71%} average market share owned by non-identified competitors
{8} metrics used to baseline competitors
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Our approach to competitor research


Know your competitor

You’ll more than likely know who you compete with in the traditional offline world, but often your online competitors are a completely different set of entities. We’ll help you understand who they are and how they position themselves, helping you stand apart from the crowd.


Strengths and weaknesses

They say wars are won by winning battles, and battles are won by winning skirmishes. By understanding your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, we’ll help you pick your fights, prioritising your marketing focus to deliver results in the short, medium and long term.


Competitor movement

Because we retain data each time we run a competitor analysis WOLF report, we’re able to build up a picture over time of who’s doing what with their marketing at both macro and micro levels. Interpreting this data will give you strategic insights and stop you being blindsided.

Our WOLF tool

Vertical analysis

The various APIs and connectors underpinning WOLF enable us to extract extensive keyword groupings which are used to provide detailed analysis of which web pages are visible within industry or topic verticals.

Presentation layer

While WOLF gathers millions of data points in each report, we deploy a user friendly presentation layer to bring order to numbers and to enable insights to be drawn from the research.

Human insight

Our business intelligence team can add a further level of analysis to WOLF’s output, offering a detailed assessment as to why some content artifacts and web pages outrank others and what brands can do to outperform their peers.