We’re AI specialists.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the way brands communicate with their audiences. At Rogerwilco we want to help you capitalise on the opportunities AI offers to digitally transform your organisation.

{$12.8bn} revenue from Amazon’s AI-driven recommendation engine
{74%} C-suite execs who believe AI will change customer perceptions of their brand
{2.3m} jobs created by AI vs the 1.8m it’ll eliminate by 2020
{38%} profit boost for companies using AI
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Our approach to marketing led artificial intelligence


Best of breed

Our partnership with Acoustic (formerly IBM Marketing Cloud) speaks to our desire to only work with best of breed AI-driven marketing cloud solution providers. With Watson, Acoustic leads the field.


Jargon busting

Machine learning, natural language processing, cognitive insight. This is a space filled with terminology. We want to keep it simple. AI helps marketers become more efficient.


Use case

There has to be meaningful use case for the deployment of AI - McKinsey points to a lack of strategy preventing the effective roll out of AI in 43% of companies.

Our artificial intelligence services


We’ve been rolling out chatbots and virtual assistants for clients in the financial services and ecommerce spaces. Bots improve customer service response times, cut support costs and improve conversion. Speak to us if you’re interested.

Marketing Automation

From Watson Campaign Automation to Hubspot and Eloqua, we’re helping clients make the most of their marketing automation tech stacks. They’re delivering messages with pinpoint accuracy, boosting engagement and driving sales.

Intelligent Analytics

The joy of digital is its measurability, but it’s all too easy to drown in a lake of data. Our AI driven analytics platforms like IBM’s Universal Behaviour Exchange and Google Analytics 360 make sense of data, allowing you to focus your energies for best effect.