Our managing director is a tech evangelist. He sees it as a great business enabler and he’s constantly looking out for ways to use technology to improve processes in the work that he does.This extends to his love for Drupal, which he sees as a platform that helps bring order to the complexities of the internet.

After obtaining a commerce degree from Stellenbosch University, Jakes moved to the UK to work as a project manager on the London Stock Exchange. Later, he joined the UK’s Atomic Energy Authority. As much as he’d hoped to be building nuclear weapons, the reality was that he worked as a Systems Architect and VBA Developer.

Upon returning to South Africa, Jakes ventured into software development. One or two businesses later, and Jakes now sits as managing director of Rogerwilco, aligning Drupal development with a digital marketing offer.

Our MD is a go-getter. Certainly not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get involved. He’s an advocate of the “work hard, play hard” philosophy to business. His philosophies and attention to detail are certainly felt around the office.