Automation Services

The 4th industrial revolution is part of our daily lives at Rogerwilco and we’re determined to harness the benefits of technology and bring them to bear on our clients’ businesses.

While people will always be needed to define strategy and conceptualise engaging creative, technology can simplify and automate many of marketing’s most repetitive and mundane tasks.

But martech is not a silver bullet. No amount of technical sophistication will overcome a bad solution, a flawed premise or poor configuration, making it absolutely essential for any organisation considering the adoption of some form of automation to go through a thorough needs analysis and tech vetting process.

We’ve tried to make this easier for South African marketers by choosing to partner with two of the world’s leading technology companies. Both required us to undertake a rigorous training and certification process to equip us with the skills to sell, set up and operate their software.

Marketing Automation

Watson Campaign Automation takes the drudge out of outbound communication. If you send large volumes of emails or SMSs, Watson’s AI will help you draw insights, refine your messaging and drive your return on investment.

Customer Experience Automation

Watson’s Customer Experience Analytics and Acquia’s Journey and Lift products allow marketers to track user interaction on their website, build personas based on audience interest and then present tailored content to them that’s based on these interest areas. While the Acquia products were built for use with Drupal, they can be rolled out to any web CMS.

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