Clarissa may be small but she is undeniably fearless. She comes from a very strong academic background, having graduated cum laude in BCom Entrepreneurship and Business Management from North-West University. In fact, her drive for learning pushed her to continue her honours degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. So, naturally it follows that her number one role model is Richard Branson.

But she’s not just smart, she’s ambitious and a generally great human being. Her mantra is “happy client, happy life” and her day-to-day work definitely shows this. She aims to keep her portfolio of clients consistently happy and coming back for more.  

If there’s one thing that sums up Clarissa, it’s “adrenaline junkie”. She’s been both shark cage diving and skydiving and is obsessed with motocross. And if you want her attention, offer to pour her a vodka, lime and water.