Our performance director is a larger than life character. He’s been there, done that, got it to the top of the search results Having worked across every kind of performance department imaginable, “Buxey” is a bit of a protege. He’s studied SEO, analytics and project management. They say that you can tell that a person knows what they’re doing if they’re able to teach it to others, and Buxey’s lecturing history (he ran Get Smarter’s SEO programme) says it all.

Buxey’s life values show in his application and ability to manage his team. Our performance team will agree that he leads from the front and if there’s something that challenges him, he’s not likely to pawn it off. Outside of office hours, Andre’s main passions include his family, motor racing and online gaming – not necessarily in that order.

What does this man even do? He internets the Google.

His biggest role model: Martin Greenfield (A tailor in NYC with superhero powers).